As your volumes and balances grow and your financial needs get more sophisticated, our cash management solutions can provide increased control over your working capital through payment, 收据, 流动性, 欺诈和多账户解决方案.


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Let our experts help manage and control your company's finances with leading-edge treasury management products and services. Our combination of state-of-the-art technology and an experienced team of banking professionals means you'll enjoy optimal cash management and simplified accounting.



  • Monitor real-time balances and funds transfer activity
  • Access to check and deposit transaction images
  • Multi-user online access with controls to limit user access to information by account and function.
  • 在线 and wire origination and approvals
  • Approve transactions with multi-factor authentication
  • 远程矿床捕获
  • 启动ACH借方和贷方


  • Deposit checks electronically and securely from your office
  • Consolidate your deposits quickly into your account
  • Reduce/eliminate courier expenses or employee time out of the office
  • Make deposits into your account until 6 PM (ET)


自动结算所(ACH) and Wire Transfers

  • Make a one-time payment or schedule repeating payments online using ACH
  • Improve receivable collection and cash flow forecasting
  • Easily and securely download your ACH files
  • Import an ACH file from your payroll and payables system to electronically initiate deposit of payroll, 费用报销, pensions payments and other payables recipients
  • 发起和管理在线电汇, including domestic and international payments (USD and foreign currency)

ACH和Check 积极的支付

  • 欺诈 prevention solution tool to combat internal and external fraud and fraud associated with electronic payments
  • Reduce losses by identifying fraudulent activity or errors with ACH 积极的支付 and Check 积极的支付
  • Detect unusual or unauthorized disbursement activity on your accounts and monitor ACH debits and credits via filters and blocks
  • Put measures in place to combat online and offline fraudulent activities on all of your accounts
  • Set up options to help block fraudulent checks, with an approval process to identify suspicious checks early and mitigate fraud




  • Your customers or business partners send payments directly to your lockbox
  • Payments are processed quickly and deposited into your account
  • Minimize debt costs and keep funds available for your business
  • 在线 access to lockbox deposit totals and images of remittance documents
  • Faster response time to customer inquiries


  • Automate your daily cash management decisions by sweeping your funds
  • Link your line of credit to your business checking account and excess checking balances will be applied to the credit account
  • Add zero balance accounts to automate and separate disbursements and deposit accounts while retaining the combined cash in a master checking account