Small 皇冠正版APP下载 Administration (SBA) Loans

Small 皇冠正版APP下载 Administration (SBA) loans can offer a wide array of lending options for owner-operated and managed for-profit businesses. SBA loans can help provide business funding to a variety of industries such as manufacturing, 批发, 零售, 和服务.


SBA 7(a)贷款

As a business owner, your role in our economy is vital. SBA 7(a) loans are the most widely used SBA loans and can provide borrowers a more flexible loan structure with longer repayment periods and lower down payments. For an SBA loan a business must be defined as a "small business" by the SBA and be operating for a profit within the U.S. 或者它的财产.

A 7(a) loan is best for:

  • 皇冠正版APP下载 acquisition
  • Equipment financing
  • Commercial real estate
  • Leasehold improvements
  • 库存
  • 债务重组
  • 营运资本
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An 小企业管理局504年 loan is used for commercial real estate financing for owner-occupied properties. Additionally businesses can use a 504 loan to finance equipment and other fixed assets, 比如固定装置, furnishings and machinery, in conjunction with purchasing real estate property.

 A 504 loan is best for:

  • Financing for larger real estate projects
  • Land acquisition and ground-up construction
  • Expansion of an existing building
  • Building improvements
  • 固定 asset purchases


For updated information on the CARES ACT please refer to the Small 皇冠正版APP下载 Administration (SBA) relief options available.(点击这里)


SBA loan programs allow for fixed or adjustable rate terms depending on the use of the proceeds. Maximum terms range from seven years for working capital to 25 years for buildings and real estate.

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